Re: virus: In Defense of Relativity

Marc Connolly (
Sun, 17 Mar 1996 08:07:57 -0800

I enjoyed the uplifting words about relativity and the description of
frantic efforts of the irrational to protect their turf.
I have only the most casual acquaintance with Einsteins theory but if
I remember it correctly the fact that light is bent by gravity was
predicted by him and verified in the sixties on a Gemini mission. What
is exciting to me about this is that his theory had it's origin in
"thought experiments" a technique employed by many authors of
evolutionary books. Freud used the same method to develop his theories.
The power of rational thinking is one of the great wonders of the
world. The defensive algorithm's ( arguments always ending with the
bible) used by the religous to avoid thought are scary.