Re: virus: Fundamentals

ken sartor (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 15:27:10 -0600

Hmmm... still sounds a bit hokey to me to postulate that
something you can't imagine to exist, can't.

Our limited prespective probably makes us unable to judge
whether the "limitations" we see in the universe (e.g.,
the problem of pain) are utilmately beneficial.

The making a boulder too big to lift seems like a play on
words to me. Is an electron an apple or an orange (or a
wave or a particle)? Language gives us the ability to ask
potentially meaningless questions.

In fairness i have never read "Atheism" by Michael Martin.
Maybe i will check it out to see what he has to say.

Perhaps another interesting question that can be asked that
is related is: how should belief or disbelief in God affect
us? (I.e., does it matter?)

"The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is
stranger than we can imagine."