Re: virus: RE: Future of Man

JD (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 21:53:25 -0500 (EST)

> In response to JD's hypothetical question, what would be
> the purpose of eternal life? It is a popular notion (a notion that I
> tend to share) that the only purpose of life is to reproduce, and if
> humans were immortal we would not be able to do this. My question is,
> why would humans want to continue with no purpose? This is precisely why

It is true that there is no devine meaning but that doesn't mean
that there are not personal meanings to life. My purpose and meaning is
finding enjoyment in exploring and learning as much as I can. I have
no want what so ever to reproduce, at least right now. You see being
athiest doesn't mean that you must play the role of just another
organism who's sole purpose is to reproduce and pass it's genes on
to the next generation. If you think like that you are letting the
theory of evolution control the meaning of your life just as the
theory of creation controls the meaning of life for christians. I have
no problem with people who want to die off, I just desire more than
that, I want more input, what is the purpose of learning then dying?
Why must so many people look to other things for a meaning?

> wish to have a god. It is a response to a fear of death.

I have a fear of death, I know that I will not know it when it happens
,but it would mean the end of my conciousness and being, which I don't
see how anyone could consider favorable. It is true that to the world and
universe my existance will make no difference, but it doesn't mean that
the conciousness and personality that I am doesn't want to exist.

> I would also like to say that belief in a god has nothing to do with the
> theory of evolution. It is true that a god did not create humankind in
> the biblical sense, but as yet there exists no absolute proof that no
> god exists. Science has not (yet) explained whether or not a god created

Science will probably never prove or disprove the theory of a god, besides
what god are you talking about. All is opinion and personal perception.