Re: virus: Future of Man

JD (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 22:25:15 -0500 (EST)

> Please share with me, and others not in the know, the current
> definition and basic tenets of "transhumanism".

Transhumanism is the desire to transcend the physical body that you
currently have into something physically more desireable through
the use of technology - this is a personal definition

It is as the Extropians put it " a desire to increase your intelligence,
information, energy, vitality, experience, diversity, opportunity and
growth" The Extropians are probably the most popular group of transhumanists

We want to control our "evolution", something I usually refer to as self-evolution through technologies such as nanotech, biochem, etc.

You could call it a hope, but on what I believe to be on more solid ground
than the hopes of religion.

a major desire of most transhumanists is the want for life extention
why must we die, only because evolution didn't need us to live
forever in order to pass on genes and continue the increase of entropy.
I don't know if immortality through technology is possible , but hey
it's worth a shot. There are organisms that live for thousands of years
it's all controled by chemistry, if we can one day manipulate it, we can
manipulate ourselves.