Re: virus: Re: Future man, immortality and memes

JD (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 10:25:56 -0500 (EST)

> Personally I like the idea of death and mortality. The idea of death and
> finality has an effect that is essential to human character. The idea of
> beginning and end are comforting and they are necessary. How many works

I guess it is just a matter of two different wants. The idea of death and
finality are not essential to human character, who decides what human
character should be like anyway, everyone has a different character. The
idea of an end I could only see as comforting if I was very unhappy with
my life and suicidal. I see the point about how many great works of art
are focused on death, they are beautiful yes,but usually only by expressing
the pain that someone has gone through, understanding the pain is an attribute
but playing the role is not a neccesity, there are no necessities, only
opinions about what the necessities should be.

> that life is temporal? This is the great thing about it, you here now
> and you are given the opportunity to participate in whatever way you

the short opportunity of life to participate seems like a curse to me .
why gain knowledge then die,seems to me like nature is an indian giver,
so i tend not to look upon nature as this beautiful force, I usually
refer to mother nature as ,excuse my french, "The Bitch"

> genes and evolution. If we find comfort in immortality why not consider
> memetic immortality. We all contribute in one way or another to the
> "meme pool", some more significantly than others. When you consider

I guess memetic immortality is just not good enough for me. personally
I don't care what any one does or thinks after I am gone, because I will
not see it or enjoy it anyway.