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James T. Martin (
Sat, 30 Mar 1996 21:42:22 -0700

At 01:47 AM 3/30/96 -0600, you wrote:
>James T. Martin wrote:
>I refer you again to the
>> philosophy of "The Way" (that can not be described) or the Tao of ancient
>> Chinese philosophy.
>I'll have to check this out. The only eastern philosophy that I have
>encountered is a few bits of Confucian texts. I've always meant to
>explore it more, but I don't have much time. My list of books to read is
>endless, so it may be a while. Thanks for the suggestion.
>John Aten
>"Truth demands to be declared even if it is ugly
> and unethical" -F. Nietzsche
>"Of each thing ask, what is it? What is its nature?
> What is it of itself" -Marcus Aurelius
I'm glad to hear of you interest in the Tao. It's physical expression is in
the 'martial art' of Tai Chi. It's not really a book that can be just picked
up and read. You have to absorb yourself in it and spend awhile on each
passage to ascertain your interpretation. No need to buy the book, I've seen
it available on the Net. There are several translations, all different to
some degree. Try it - you'll like it. Jim Martin
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