Re: virus: RE: Future of Man

Shira Evans (
Tue, 09 Apr 1996 14:15:04 -0400

Martin and Dan,

"...all religions and most philosophies do not fare well under strict
logical analysis." Perhaps they were not intended for logical
thought. Most provide basic answers to the basic questions of life.

So can one say that any one religion IS correct and another incorrect.
Not when they were intended for a different level of anyalsis! They
each provide a means by which humans can grasp perceive a reality with
which they are comfortable.

Whether or not the teachings and practices of a religion are valid
seems to be of less importance than the value the group attains. In
other words, myths still serve a relevant purpose in society.

Sure the physical perception is likely the most verifiable perception.
Man can record, measure, analyse, and concluded the validity and
reliablity of physical evidence. Man still chooses to believe in the
physical world. The difference with the physical world, is that if man
chooses not to believe, his unbelief will not likely result in the
disappearance of the planets.

So to what extent does man's belief in the supernatural make his
belief valid?

When will man stop needing religions to code his reality?