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C. David Noziglia (
Wed, 10 Apr 1996 09:23:18 -0700 wrote:

> So I was reacting to a reaction post? Boy isn't usenet fun!

No, not really. There was no one specific posting that I was reacting to, so
I did start the thread. But it was stimulated by several posting that I had
read in my nightly surfings.

>I don't know much about secualr humanism, but I'd be willing to believe that
> it can be fairly useful morally and spiritually when applied properly. It
> seems that any route to enlightenment that involves honest, open, and
> deep thought on the part of participants can do nothing but bennefit them.
> And any route that tries to take shortcuts and pre-suppositions (such as
> fundamental Christianity, which too often doesn't ask enough intellectually
> from it's participants) is going to be misused.
> So yeah, I can agree with you. Glad you thought well of my post.
> Greg Z

The real joke is the way that fundamentalist Christians (as well as skinheads
and other racists) are now using the language of tolerance to justify having
the general community, and even government, give time, attention, and even
priority to their discredited beliefs. There's real proof that any good idea
can be misused!

We should be able to tolerate the expression of any idea. That does not then
prevent us from criticizing or even attacking that idea, if it is wrong or
harmful. Fight the good fight.

C. David Noziglia
Wellington, New Zealand

"Blessed are those who have no expectations, for they will never be disappointed." Kautiliya Shakhamuni Sidhartha Gautama Buddha

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