Re: [Fwd: Re: virus: Demon thread

Orphelia (
Mon, 17 Apr 1995 15:28:34 -0500 (CDT)

> According to your definition, science and rational thought are demons as well.

Since I only gave you one description or elaboration for my definition of
the "demon," I would have to disagree that the "demon" would include
science and rational thought. However, it could be manifested within the
people who justify genocide through manipulation of Darwinian ideals or who
practice enslavement in the name of some "rational" explanation (Can
slavery ever really be rationalized?). My point with John A.'s statement
was that it's all too easy to lay the blame on Christianity. Religion may be
an infancy mindset, but it is the followers of the religion which choose to
pull the trigger.

> Now if you were there, Cecille, you probably would have argued with him and
> he would have told you to be rational, accept the truth, go home and make
> some babies. Then you might have used your aptitude for spatial problems
> to punch him in the nose.

( :) I would hope that in this situation I would use a little more
tactics... :) )

> The trick is to realize what
> the true demons are: unenlightened self interest- greed, laziness, jealousy,
> irrational anger, ignorance ... aren't these the seven deadly sins? Hmmmm.

Stephen, however much I want to find an agreement between us, these "deadly
sins" do not need to be derived from some "holy" scripture; they can
easily be dismissed with a little rational thought. IF people were less
apathetic and ignorant, everything as a whole would be much better.

> two terms together. Try magic AS science or science AS magic. I've found
> that I can understand more of our history as a species if I think of them
> this way. Magic was Science version 1.0

Yes, but now we've purchased Science '96 and can no longer seek for the
gods to protect our crops or save our sister.