Re: [Fwd: virus: Religion & Logic]

Marc Connolly (
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:03:03 -0700

You wrote:

>Why do I banter on like an out-of-control-ass? I've asked myself the
>same question- I hope you guys don't think I'm a religious freak or
>something. I just get sensitive when I read "primitive" and "ignorant"
>associated with a very human mode of expression. (this is not a

It is almost impossible for me to not see the aggressively religous as
both primitive and ignorant since they choose ancient rituals and avoid
Perhaps religion and the arts are the same but I can't see the
connection in a lot of the art I've seen. Chinese art is a clear form
of religous tradition that seems to touch a primitive nerve in me. But
walking thru any art musuem in a major city one is bound to see
examples of human expression both past and present that have great
human meaning and it seems there are also a lot of inexplicable streams
of expression that I can't relate to. A great deal of poetry stikes me
the same way.
If various forms of art don't look like religous expressions or
attempts to depict ones place in the universe then what are they? Could
they be simply humans stimulating themselves and that's it? No great
meaning...just stimulation...colors, sound, touch???