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At 07:00 PM 4/19/96 +0000, Ken Pantheists wrote:
>Joel Bradford Klammer wrote:
>> > At 08:07 PM 01/04/96 MST, Joel Bradford Klammer wrote:
>> >
>> > >Since the advent of QM this line of thought [giving serious consideration
>> > >to the possibility of contradictions in reality] may have to be taken
>> > >seriously, .....
>> I'm referring to a cat being simultaneously alive and dead. D
>> and ~D.

I had lost the original thread. Your formulation is correct
(i.e., is the best available now).

>I've never seen a zombie cat. Where can I get one? Do they shed?
>Ok ok. Now i'll be serious.
> Or does this result occur only under certain
>> interpretations of the theory? And if so, is it then only an
>> apparent contradiction and not a real one?
>I thought the cat in abox theory was a metaphor for a phrase that would
>go something like this," If you start off looking for it, you'll find it
>because your method of looking for it makes it visible."

It is no metaphor; rather it is a Gedanken (thought) experiment.
Turns out reality can exist in multiple states simultaneously.
This is extremely well verified in elementary particles.

The second half of what you seem to be saying is that observation can
determine reality. This is true and can be measured very well for
elementary particles (where the equation of state is very precisely

Viewing/reading list: has ascent of Man by Jacob Bronosky made the
list? Very worthwhile IMHO.


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