Re: virus: Logic and Truth

John A (
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 16:59:49 -0500

Reed Konsler wrote:
> Scientist: "Sure, but we'll work it all out eventually."
> Sceptic: "How do you know?"
> Scientist: "The method had worked so far, we are ever more closely
> approximating reality...someday, perhaps far or near, we will be able to
> answer any question to might have to the limits of your own perception"
> Sceptic: "But you can never be confident you are absolutely right."
> Scientist: "Yeah, so?"
> Sceptic: "But you can never find the absolutle truth that way!"
You cannot immediately find absolute truth that way, but religion does
not give absolute truth at all. Religion gives someones idea of truth.
If logic could only find one absolute truth, it would be one up on
John Aten

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