virus: Demon thread

Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 23 Apr 1996 23:20:33 +0000

John A wrote:

> Science and truth are just fine for christianity,
>until they contradict christian doctrine. Then things get ugly.

Anyone gets ugly on anybody when there's competition for resources or
belief space.

> We call Jeffery Dahmer a demon because he killed thrity or forty people.
> (I am not sure exactly)Christianity has killed billions. Why can't
> christianity be a demon as well?


Some scientists are saying there is a big difference between a
psychopathic killer and a religion.

Although part of me is aching to respond to all of the vast, sweeping
generalizations you have made- I won't.

What it comes down to is you're right. There is no reason why anyone
should prevent you from calling anything a demon. I just wish you would
come up with better reasons. Your observations virtually ignore
political, economic, environmental, cultural and, yes, scientific
influences. (I have done quite a bit of travel in third world countries
and I have never seen your version of Africa- in *any* country. Please-
give the "Africans" a little credit.)

Yes christianity has been hegemonic, yes it has been used to pump up
troops for wars of aquisition, yes it has been used to control people by
inciting mass fear and suspicion. But fucking hell- So has television.

So my last impression of your post leaves me with this- you simply don't
care about refining your observation. You just want to call Christianity
a demon. Go ahead then.

How far does that place you from the cave people who looked at a volcano
and, without considering any other influences, called that a demon?

Go with what works for you.

But you have more resources than cave people. Why not use them?

We get into dangerous territory when vanity calls us to say "We're so
much better than those goddam DEMONS." and then plop ourselves in front
of the TV.