Re: virus: BLAME

John A (
Sat, 27 Apr 1996 14:50:32 -0500

Ken Pantheists wrote:

> > Winners do not
> > seem to carry the BLAME meme.
> Interesting point. Is Blame a kind of low grade copy of success?
> Something we employ as a last ditch survival tool when success matters?

Blame saves us from viewing ourselves as inadequate. It takes a certain
mental strength to accept our shortcomings, a mental strength that most
of us do not possess.

The blame meme is deeply rooted in social institutions. It proliferated
politics, religion, and society in general. It is not so much a low
grade copy of success, but a way of making oneself look stronger or
fitter than an opponent. This tends to help us achieve success.
Politicians, for example, blame everything on something else; this
something else rarely happens to be themselves or their party. They
blame other parties and factors so that their party will look like the
sensible choice in the next election.

John Aten

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