Re: virus: prev. Demon Thread

Marc Connolly (
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 10:40:30 -0700

Ken Pantheists wrote :
>I am unclear as to your position on the above. Do you mean that it is
too impossible to admit our insignifance and that is why we engage in
spiritual persuits? That we *are* fooling ourselve?

Or do you mean that it is too impossible, given the complexity of our
sense of (self and the elaborate memes we have created to express that
self) that we are an insignificant dust mote? That we *must* be
something more?

Stephen, it seems like this paradoxical situation where it is not
impossible to admit insignificance but trying to come to grips with
scope or vastness of "nothingness" can't be accomplished by planning
and effort of any kind...Christianity, Buddism, science. Some people
have got to be fooling themselves. I was a devout Catholic and now I'm
an atheist so I fooled myself.

And I think we are significant in terms of how we as a species have
faired in a Darwinian struggle. The writings in this newsgroup are
significant in terms of our species because of what we discuss and how
permanent these thoughts become. Personally, it's the part where Marc
and his atoms evaporate that makes me wonder how far rationality can
go. Thanks for making me think.

Marc Connolly