Re: virus:Other Reality

James T. Martin (
Sun, 5 May 1996 21:28:14 -0700

**** A small portion of what John Aten wrote:
>This definition of god is so unconventional that I do not think it can
>really be accepted as what we have come to recognize as "god". In my
>proposed system, God is not the creator of the universe, but a part of
>it. God is not the overseer of the afterlife; in my system, god and the
>afterlife are completely seperate. In my system, god is not good or
>evil, it is indifferent to these concepts. Also, the god of my system is
>not a moral entity; it is indifferent to this as well.

**** The Tao te Ching thumper - Jim Martin replys:
Thanks John, this is an elegant description of the Tao (if there could
be a description of the Way). Does this mean that the thread which no one
wanted to sew with has ended?
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