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John A (
Tue, 07 May 1996 18:38:40 -0500

Dave Scott wrote:

> I don't know if anyone has ever brought this up before, but I just rented
> the movie Seven. I was wondering if anyone would care to share some
> analysis on the character "John Doe" and his method of thinking. While
> twisted and demented it is clearly philisophical and makes sense on
> certain levels. Please respond...

"John Doe" was not insane. He knew exactly what he did, and why he did
it. He can justify for himself why it is alright to murder people in a
grotesque manner. I think his biggest problem was that he felt
completely alienated by society. He felt like he had no identity in our
overpopulated world. He probably resorted to church to find this
identity, but was apparently not accepted very well. He basicaly took
all of his disillusionment and made an identity of his own, which made
him important, powerful, and in his mind, good. What he wanted is him
and his actions to be remembered. Heinous crimes did this for him.

I think more interesting characters to examine would be Mickey and
Mallory Knox, from Natural Born Killers.

John Aten