[Fwd: Re: virus:"other reality"]

Ken Pantheists (kenpan@axionet.com)
Mon, 13 May 1996 02:32:51 +0000

Tom Loeber wrote:
> Let me get down off of my high horse here for a bit and see if I can find
> one or more of you that finds the following interesting and I'll try to keep
> the subject in line with a mailing list for new religion synthesis.

We *just* closed a thread on religion. Perhaps you'd like to read it in
the archives?

Also, from reading your last two posts Tom, you sound like a bright
person with expertise in your specified area of knowlege, but I am
having great difficulty following your post. There is a lot of lingo and
I can't connect some of your ideas.

There is at least one (me) non-scientist on the list presently. There
will probably be a few more joining in the future. I think it would be a
good idea if we try to be as "plain talking" as possible. I don't mean
to suggest we lower our level of discussion, but maybe slide in a
bracketed sentence explaining a reference- Ockam's razor, Schrodinger's
Cat, Fido's Bowl- those sorts of things.
> Dream, scheme, go ahead and loosen that social fabric seam.
> Spread intelligence as wings and fly high beyond the blanket of sky.

A nice sentiment!

Ken Pantheists