Re: virus:Other Reality

Bill Godby (
Tue, 14 May 1996 01:24:03 -0400

At 05:45 PM 5/13/96 -0600, David McFadzean wrote:
>The problem I have with this is that something does not have to
>be observed in order to exist (despite pseudo-NewAge eastern mysticism
>interpretations of quantum dynamics). Don't you believe planets (can)
>exist in other galaxies even if no-one has ever observed them?
The issue is not so much whether things can exist even though we haven't
seen them but rather what we are able to say about them. There certainly
isn't much you can say about postulated planets in other galaxies other than
you think that they exist, or possibly you can formulate where they might be
and what they might look like. However regarding existence it seems a priori
that you must be able to offer something concrete about what it is your
speaking about. Give me evidence.
Bill Godby