Re: virus:"other reality"

James T. Martin (
Mon, 13 May 1996 22:33:28 -0700

>>John Aten wrote:
>>What about our bodies? Are you suggesting that our minds jump from body
>>to body? This sounds like mysticism...

***** T. Loeber wrote:
>Again I refer to Buckminster Fuller "All is metaphysical." I see no
>distinction between body and mind. My hypothesis based upon my cosmology is
>that the body and the mind both evolve again after death. I'm saying that
>death is a very transitory state of affairs. Though it may take an
>incredibly long period of time for this recycling to ocurr, we don't notice
>the period of being without our sensory appariti. I'm saying that death
>does not exist as a subjective phenomenon. Objectively, death happens and
>it tends to convince us of our own mortality though this is not truth.

**** Woops! J. Martin forced to clarify:
My apparent affirmation of T. Loeber concerning universal rebirth begs
clarification. Agreed that there is no distinction between body & mind.
The body dies - I mean really dies! Consciousness and mind dies with it.
Mysticism Alert! I disavow any taint of it. Bucky was kind.
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