Re: virus: Meme vs concept

David McFadzean (
Tue, 14 May 1996 11:41:56 -0600

At 09:15 PM 13/05/96 -0700, Tom Loeber wrote:
>Tad Niwinski wrote:
>>The question is: what is the difference between a concept and a meme?
>As far as I can tell there is no difference except perhaps the need to
>impress or as you quoted "intimidate." Perhaps there is value in

"Concept" and "meme" are not identical. A meme is a concept that replicates
and evolves through variation and selection analogous to biological genetics.

>intimidating "faith-sufferers" so they don't end up hogging a conversation
>meant to explore finding "faith" in understanding, in expectations based on
>knowledge. Seems to me the Church of Virus already has the makings of a
>priesthood which in my eyes means it is losing validity as a religion that
>seeks adherence to science.

It is true that the Church of Virus is designed to adhere to science.
I was frustrated by the fact that all world religions, though incredibly
powerful social structures, resorted to some sort of mysticism or blind
faith so I decided to create a new one that was not. Could you elaborate
on your last point?

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