virus: FW: 8th grader's response to Virus of the Mind

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Tue, 14 May 1996 11:51:59 -0700

Just got this...thought you might be interested. What would happen if
ALL eighth graders learned memetics?

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Do you know what a "meme" is?

>From: Shorewood Intermediate School
>Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 1996 11:12 AM
>To: Richard Brodie
>Subject: 8th grader's response to Virus of the Mind
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>May 6, 1996
>Richard Brodie
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>Dear Mr. Brodie:
>To start things off, I should probably introduce myself. My name is=20
>Kristin and I live in Shorewood, Wisconsin. I am presently in the=20
>eighth grade at Shorewood Intermediate School. I guess I wouldn=B9t be =

>able to describe myself as a =B3type A=B2 or =B3type B=B2 person, I=B9m =
really a=20
>combination of both. I get stressed out over homework and such, but I=20
>find it easy to relax. My opinion is that you do need to push=20
>yourself in life sometimes or else you won=B9t go anywhere, but if you=20
>push yourself too hard, you=B9ll go crazy.
>Even though I know your book was written for an older crowd, I think=20
>that I found it just as enlightening as would someone who is twice as=20
>old as me. I may not associate it the same as them, though, since the=20
>life of an eighth grader is very different from other stages of life. =20
>Your book has taught me that there are certain things in life that you=20
>should pay attention to, and many other things that, to put bluntly,=20
>don=B9t matter. Your book has helped me to choose.
>Now that I know what a meme is and how they work, I=B9m noticing them=20
>all over. I often catch myself thinking, =B3Hey, that=B9s a meme, and=20
>that=B9s a meme! Meme! Meme! Meme!=B2 Ah! Its an invasion! Hmm. =
>that I think about that, it really is, an invasion of the mind.
>I=B9m starting to notice many specific types of memes all around. In=20
>particular, the conditioning type of meme is in my German class. My=20
>teacher says, =B3Now you=B9re going to study the words you just =
>right?=B2 We all chorus in with an, =B3Of course,=B2 regardless if =
some of=20
>us plan to study of not. Do I always study my words? Of course!
> Your book has also programmed me. Whenever I hear =B3Ta-ta-ta-TUM=B2=20
>anywhere, my mind connects it to the picture of an egg shaped guy in a=20
>box with wheels. From that picture, I then connect it to the words in=20
>the title of the book.
>The other type of programming that, to me, is the most interesting is=20
>the Trojan Horse. I=B9ve also begun to see Trojan Horses around me, =
>not as often as other types of memes since it is better disguised. =20
>One that I have noticed is psychics. =B3Psychics have helped this=20
>famous person and that famous person! Psychics have predicted this,=20
>and that, and such and such! Psychics could help you! Only $3.99 a=20
>minute.=B2 Now, $3.99 doesn=B9t seem like that much, but for one =
>Why don=B9t they advertise it like it is: 6.65 cents per second!
>Enough with math, but before I go, I have a few questions. Tell me,=20
>how do you avoid going crazy when you see memes all around you that=20
>nobody else notices?! Also, I was looking under the recommended=20
>reading section of the book, under the section, =B3cults and=20
>programming=B2 and the book called Influence: The Psychology of=20
>Persuasion, Revised Edition caught my interest. Would you recommend=20
>this book to an eighth grader who is interested in knowing how to make=20
>some changes in her life?
>Well, anyway, it=B9s time for me to face the world of ever-existent=20
>memes. If you would answer my questions, I would be most happy and=20
>grateful, but until I hear from you, Ta-ta (ta-TUM!)
> Your Student,
> Kristin Larsen :)