Re: virus: re: Seven

Joel Bradford Klammer (
Tue, 14 May 96 13:26:57 MDT

David McFadzean wrote:

> Science is incompatible with dogma.

This is not entirely true. For one example, the man who
discovered the true cause of many ulcers (the bacteria named
helicobacter pylori), was for years howled down by the medical
establishment because he went against the prevailing orthodoxy.
But in the end, he was shown to be correct. Yes, the truth
eventually *did* win out, but not nearly as quickly as it would
have if science was incompatible with dogma.

Of course, you are probably talking about some idealized form of
science as opposed to the kind that's practiced in the real
world, which is your prerogative. This is a slippery slope to
the oft seen fallacy of comparing ideal science to real-world
religion. One must compare ideal to ideal or real to real.
(I may be sliding off topic here. Apologies if that is so.)