virus: Tad & me

Richard Brodie (
Tue, 14 May 1996 17:08:49 -0700

Tad wrote:

>>"This one really is a crisis"
>>are the last words of Richard Brodie's excellent book "Virus of the Mind".
>>He wants to save us. He wants to teach children
>> "to be conscious! Conscious! Conscious! Conscious!"
>>Is he sincere or is he pushing "the crisis button" to get us in *his*

The answer to that is left as an exercise for the reader. ;-)
>>Then I received a private mail from no-more-no-less Richard Brodie. I
>>thought he was trying to intimidate me with a question if I knew what a
>>"meme" was. It appears, the question was just a part of his signature (I
>>think so now). *The only other contents* of his mail was "ROFL!", which I
>>did not understand. I asked several people in Vancouver (educated here) and
>>they had no idea what this "ROFL" meant, which made me feel little less
>>guilty about my Polish upbringing. Then I asked the group. Reed Konsler
>>explained (thank you) and then Richard Brodie wrote :
>>>ROFL=Rolling On the Floor, Laughing. =)
>>>I certainly didn't mean to be intimidating, but of course those
>>>Microsoft memes had years to infect me...
>>What *did* you mean, Richard?

Just a little pat on the back...I enjoyed your message! HINT: I don't
send negative email very often, so if you're not sure what I mean, it's
probably friendly. =)

>>I suggested Richard was using an "undocumented meme". I think his book
>>explains quite a few "manipulating people" memes (as well as Robert
>>Cialdini's "Influence, Science and Practice"), but does not contain
>>this one.

You didn't think I was going to give away the best memes, did you? Those
are available mail-order, only $499 for the complete home video kit.

>>Knowing the formal meaning of the abbreviation I still don't understand it.
>>ROFL may mean "I liked your joke" (why didn' you just say so., Richard?) --
>>or -- quite a contrary: "What a stupid joke".

I liked your joke, I liked your joke, I liked your joke.
>>This was *the only* message sent to me. What was the purpose of it,

A friendly gesture is all, Tad!

>>If we want to save the Planet, I suggest we start learning how to

Is planet TeTa in trouble too?

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