[Fwd: Re: virus: Is the term "meme" necessary?]

Ken Pantheists (kenpan@axionet.com)
Tue, 14 May 1996 19:35:12 +0000

Tom Loeber wrote:

> >
> Right on! I am enjoying my life but having this responsibility to keep
> humanity from destroying itself and very possibly life's chances in this
> portion of universe pushes me into the risky business of faith-alone
> ascription bashing. I could do with just a little bit less excitement.
> "Getting Past OK?" Do you mean "Getting Passed Okay?" or maybe ""Getting
> Pissed OK." Hey, conference moderator! Can I advertise my wares here too?
> >

This list *used* to be fun.

Fully one third of my downloads today have been full of personal barbs
and rants from some self appointed messiah.

There has developed a disregard for the fact that the people on the
other end of these comments are *resources* who have availed themselves
to this list to contribute. They are not whipping boys or staw men.

Hey! I'm officer Stephen! Look at my badge.

I don't respond well to control. Tom. I'm off your ride. I don't like
the way you drive.

Ken Pantheists