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Todd M Kuipers (
Wed, 15 May 1996 11:25:30 -0600

At 09:46 AM 5/15/96 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:
> Living unconsciously is better/more "human"/more natural
> than living with conscious purpose.

>You find this meme all over the place, but of course it denies the main
>advantage we have as humans--consciousness! Feather, I assure you it's
>possible to live consciously and to enjoy life at the same time

I'd have to agree with Richard on this one. Living consistently
unconsciously ignores the benefits of simple conscious processes like
ensuring you don't eat too much junk food, or minimizing detrimental
conflict. Neither of these positions occur naturally or unconsciously. I'd
say the willingness to go to war over various ideologies obviously doesn't
use much useful concious thought.

That isn't to say that all actions should be concious. Unconscious thought
provides the human race with some of its most creative and enjoyable
attributes and creations.

>What are some other heresies? "Que sera sera (whatever will be will
>be)." These guys even have a theme song! "There are some things science
>just can't deal with." Any others? How about "Live and let live"!?

(Blind) Faith, Apathy, Hypocrisy seemed to be a pretty good start:

Feather mentioned earlier:

>>a lot of the archives in Virus and find that many folks who logon here
>>seemed to ahve totally lost touch with the HUMAN side of things. Get
>>out of your heads, folks and look at LIFE!! Springtime is passing you by while
>>you punch away at the keyboards, sharing ideas and intelligent
>>discourse......smell some flowers, watch some birds....LISTEN TO THE

It seems that you think that such external clarity is incompatible with this
list? I'd havtuh really disagree with. Many of the people on this list are
very aware of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

(and besides if you were living in Calgary, you'd have a pretty hard time
determining that it really is spring =)

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