virus: "Donahue" 7/22 and the "Laura Lee Show" this Saturday night

Richard Brodie (
Fri, 17 May 1996 13:37:41 -0700

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Because so many people have asked me to inform them of the air date of
my two appearances on the "Donahue" show, I am sending this to everybody
in my address book. Please forgive me if it is unwanted.

The air date for Donahue #2 has been set for July 22, but first a

I will be on the nationally syndicated radio show "The Laura Lee Show"
THIS SATURDAY NIGHT starting at 10:30 Pacific Time. If you're listening
and she asks for callers, why not call in and ask a controversial
question? The purpose of the show is to convey the idea of "memes" to
the general public so our children can be saved from a future of
brainwashing by advertisers, politicians, and cults.

In Seattle it's on KVI 570 a.m. (no, Rush Limbaugh won't be joining us).
I have a list of stations in other parts of the country, email me
(quick) if you're interested.

OK, back to Donahue. This was a very fun show to do. I'm on for the
entire hour. The first 15 minutes it's just me and Phil, and we do
several entertaining demonstrations of how people's attention gets
sucked in by certain animalistic "hot buttons." I don't want to give it
away, but it's amusing.

Later in the show I'm joined by Doug Lenat, a great guy who is a noted
artificial-intelligence researcher. He demos some neat web pages.

ONE MORE THING...please note my new email address,

All the best memes,


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