virus: Good people bad people bad meme

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 17 May 1996 19:33:47 -0700

Ken Pantheists wrote:
>If you're a good person, you put a lot of effort into understanding the
>world and the human condition and the people around you so that you can
>manipulate them without controlling them. Manipulate can also mean
>"move". Maybe it's gentler to say that you "move" them.
>If you're a bad person you put less effort into understanding others and
>you manipulate them for purely self-satisfying ends.

How can one tell if a person is good or bad? Am I a good person? Is
Stephen a good person? It has bothered me for two days and I just found a
good quote worth sharing. Brian Tracy in "Advanced Selling Strategies" (BTW
a very good book) quotes Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"You can divide the world into two types of people:
those who divide the world into two types of people,
and those who do not"

I think tolerance starts with a habit of not dividing people.
A good meme with a future.

Tad Niwinski from TeTa