Re: virus: Origins of order (was Re: Postmodernism and Truth)
Sun, 19 May 1996 23:55:42 -0400

>An easier introduction to Stuart Kauffman's ideas can be found in his
>_At Home in the Universe_ subtitled "The Search for the Laws of Self-
>Organization and Complexity" (Oxford University Press, 1995). From what
>I gather, it covers the same material as _Origins of Order_ but written
>for a wider audience. Has anyone read it yet?

Yah, _At Home In the Universe_ is a wonderful text... if you have even a
remote grasp of boolean math and the premises of Complexity theory, then
you're set to glean something from it. Maybe can discuss and clarify some
sections if enough people are interested or have read it already?

Theories of Complexity need to find their way onto the list more often,
anyway.. :-)

BTW, Complexity theorists Stuart Kauffmann and John Holland are featured
guests on the NPR real-audio piece at the URL below. From "Science Friday",
November 3, 1995: