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Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 20 May 1996 00:08:04 +0000

Twirlip wrote

Show me a cultural relativist at 30,000 feet and I'll show you a
hypocrite." -- Richard Dawkins

I have to agree with Bill Goodby and his views on truth as a culturally
informed text.

Of course there are objective truths. 30,000 feet is 30,000 feet (unless
you're Peter Pan)

Tad was right when he said our belief in an objective truth allows us to
invent airplanes. But that's it's limitation as well. It basically gives
us this... airplane.

It doesn't necessarily allow us to live better. (i.e. form a meaningful,
enlightening philosophy or give us a process for profound emotional

I think it is a hubris of science that it fetishizes tools, instruments
and inventions into truths.

Of course, a bourgeoise fascination for gadgets boosts it a bit.

I think of people saying "Put away those tired old stories about those
stupid spirits and gods- WE HAVE SOLAR TOASTERS!!"

This is another step closer to William Gibson's caustic world view where
people vainly look for their reflections in the gleaming finish of the
latest machine. (Gibson's characters are always reflecting but never
find anything of substance- no useable fiber of moral integrety- just an
on and off switch.)

I agree with Bill. There *is* a lot more there. (In culturally written

When I can look to my toaster for a reflection of life's most crippling
or wonderful conundrums, I'll change my mind. (which, incidentally, I
hope I never do.) :)

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