Re: virus: A Memetic Constitution

Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 26 May 1996 16:51:49 +0000

C. David Noziglia wrote:
> My proposal is this: Let's have a virtual Constitutional Convention, and
> write a constitution embodying the principles of memetics into a political
> system. This would address the ideas of direct vs. indirect (or even
> "guided") democracy; separation of powers vs. assignment of responsibility;
> the complexity of powers and their flexibility in meeting new problems vs.
> having enough simplicity that people understand what's happening; what does
> in fact sovereignty mean; balancing individual rights and community identity.
> I'm certain that there are lots of notions to consider that I can't even
> think of now. The first thing for a convention is, what do we do first?
> Write a preamble? A bill of rights? A statement of principles? Hmmm?

This sounds like a good topic, but a Constition for what country? I know
that Lucifer is based in Calgary AB Canada. Tad and I are in Vancouver.
There are several American contributors to the list and at least one
Northern European. If anything we will discover how deeply imbedded our
individual culture's memes are as we are bound to have differences of
opinion. (The one that leaps to mind immediately is the right to bear

It would definately be a good platform from which to discuss where our
memes have come from and why we use them.

Do we have the resources for this?

I, for one, am not much of a *practical* history and poli. sci. hound.

But I'll be happy to contribute my $.02

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