Satanic memes (was Re: virus: Communication)

David McFadzean (
Mon, 27 May 1996 16:58:48 -0600

At 06:20 PM 15/05/96 -0500, Deron Stewart wrote:

>Speaking of the Devil: What meaning do the satanic memes associated with
>Virus have? e.g.: the prominent Ring of Truth link is owned by "satan himself"

It is true that if you follow the link to the Ring of Truth home page
( you will find a link allegedly owned by 'satan
himself'. However a closer examination will reveal this is just an example
of how to set up a page to join the Ring of Truth and the satan link is just
a placeholder. I believe it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

For better or worse Virus does share some memes with Satanism, e.g.
God and Satan are myths, there are good reasons to believe that there
is no afterlife, humans are animals, etc. I think all this means is that
the CoV doesn't have a monopoly on useful memes.

[When I ran a spell checker on this message it wanted to change your
first name to "Demon"... Coincidence? ;-]

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