Re: virus: META: Should the list be moderated? (was Fund

Todd M Kuipers (
Tue, 28 May 1996 16:39:35 -0600

At 11:40 PM 5/28/96 +0200, Marek Jedlinski wrote:
>On Tue, 28 May 1996, Todd M Kuipers wrote:
>> >A question for the list: would you rather put up with the odd
>> >spam message like this one, or have a moderated list?
>> Keep the junk mail! It adds an extra element of surprise. And shows real
>> world applications of the spam meme... :)
>Odd... One could think spammers are actually *welcome* here... Well,
>Virus has been mostly noise-free so far and I see no reason for panic
>just yet, but the repeated spam did irritate me a bit (when it came
>the second time - this is big time insolence, IMHO). So while I do
>appreciate the 'research potential' of the spam rubbish, I should
>say there is enough of it around, no need to tolerate it here.

I agree. If the volume gets large we may *have* to go to a moderated
format. But I find the fact that these people ship to the list because of
the word church... We'll probably soon be targets of christian publication
groups and revival tour dates... :-P The only problem for interest sake is
that it will likely be mostly christian.

>Another BTW: Because of the 'church' in the group name, and because
>of the 'lucifer' in the domain name, the Virus site may be quite
>vulnerable to unsolicited mail from certain, ahem, factions, wouldn't
>you say? >:-)

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