Re: virus: Fund Raising via 900

Tedlick Badkey (
Wed, 29 May 1996 01:31:36 -0400

I'm suprised no one has thought of the greater ramifications of this
spam we received-- what if we had our own "church 900 number"?

No, I'm not suggesting we encourage the idiots.. I'm just curious as to
what one would find if calling 1-900-C.O.VIRUS?

What "hymn" would YOU sing?

What "psalm" would YOU want to infect someone with?

"Press 1 for Absolute Truth... press 2 for the definition of belief...
press 3 for the donut-torus construct of perpetual rejuvination"

Sorry... now I'm just getting silly. But I'm serious about this-- CAN
one package their memes to be easily digested at $1.95 a minute?

Mike Kirby
HTML Particle Coder
Wholesale Slaughter