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Richard Brodie (
Fri, 24 May 1996 14:38:44 -0700

Tad wrote:

>In "Virus of the Mind" you describe an incident when Jim Jones said
>something like this: "trust me, just disinfect yourself and you will
>the answer". Apparently this strategy works. I hope this is not your
>intension to kill my honest beliefs just because it is your advice.

I LIVE to kill people's beliefs! I want to get you out of Level 2!
>Suppose I am ready to inject the anti Absolute Truth meme into my
>veins, so
>I can faithfully join your "we need to use all the tricks in the book
>spread the memetics metameme" crusade, although I prefer -- and I call
>"conscious life" -- to understand rather than blindly follow the
>This is why I asked you what YOU meant by the above slogan about
>life". Would you mind a sincere answer? (yes, I know you wrote two

You have a Level-2 definition of "conscious", which is more like depth
of understanding. It has nothing to do with Level-3 consciousness, which
is being at cause in your life.
>>My basic point is not to get sucked into solving problems or fighting
>>battles that don't further your conscious purpose.
>Good point. I am sure it is my conscious purpose to understand "all
>tricks in the book". Memetics is fascinating. I was just about to
>join the
>TA group, when I realized that this IS my life purpose.

It's good to have a life purpose.
>>>How does it relate to "It's good to live consciously" meme? Isn't living
>>>consciously striving for a better approximation of objective reality (both
>>>in physical and social life)?
>>I'll just say a flat out "no" to that question. Again my thoughts on
>>conscious living are discussed in detail in my two books.
>I did consult your both books. Would you mind a brief clarification of
>you mean by "living consciously".

See above. =)

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