Re: virus: A Memetic Constitution

Mon, 3 Jun 1996 13:01:55 -0600

>C. David Noziglia wrote:

>>How about a constitutional convention for the Church of Virus? (snip)

>Not much reaction to the idea so far. (snip) I want to start from first
>>principles, and write a
>workable constitution for a society. (snip) However, I propose, if any
>are >interested, that we now start with the basics,
>a preamble, if you will. What is the purpose of government, and how should
>it be empowered to carry out that purpose?

Before writing a preamble, I suggest compiling a list of concepts which
virians value and wish to propagate. Here are a few starters:

The ability of individuals to recognize the forces which influence their
perceptions, desires and behavior
The ability of individuals to make informed decissions
Liberation of individuals from non-creative, non-cognitive drudgery

This is a fragmentary list. I'd like to see others add to it, and then we
can get down to the business of hammering our a statement which
encapsulates these values. -KMO