Re: virus: Absolute Usefulness

Tue, 4 Jun 1996 14:48:36 -0600

MrEUser wrote:

>I apologize for the brash manner in wich my note may have come accross to the
>author of the first letter in this file. (snip) As
>for leading by example, I felt I did an exmplary job in doing so. I could have
>written back in the samme tone, with the same "colourful metaphors" but chose
>instead use some forthought in writing the "repremand". May I ask how you
>would have handled the situation differently? I appreciate your time in this
>matter. MrEUser

Yesterday I e-mailed Mark "FUCKING" Goodhew ( and wrote
roughly the following. (under the text of his outburst) "Are you aware that
your message was directed not to an individual but to a mass mailer? An
entire community received it, and each of them have likely formed a
judgment about your character on the basis that one sample. Is this the
public (net) image you want to project? My question is niether meant to be
sarcastic nor wholly rhetorical. Take care. -KMO"

I don't think that my response was by any means ideal, but you asked. Take
care. -KMO