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Sat, 22 Jun 1996 17:48:57 -0500

Looks like this jerk is making the rounds...

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> Subject: Re: blah...
> Date: Saturday, June 22, 1996 1:29 AM
> >Ok... I've been randomly surfing around the net, kissing ass, and doing
> the
> >general sycophant-at-large thing. You know, I was fully prepared to
> your
> >ass too... you know... a fellow artist.
> I hate when people do that.
> >But I'm sorry. I really can't say I like what you're doing at all...
> you
> >doing it with a humorous intent? I guess it's all open to
> >No offense, but I'm laughing. So... in a way... your art was very
> effective
> >in moving me.
> You're definitely intitled to your own opinion and interpretation; the
> experience
> the images provide is totally subjective.
> >I looked at your picture... read your manifesto... and I think you're
> completely
> >full of shit. Virus messages need to have a shell that will travel.
> >I'm not sure photoediting pornography counts as a good meme.
> You may not have enjoyed the artwork, but did it really deserve an
> I think "photoediting pornography" is being more than a little narrow
> minded. How
> many images did you look at before you formed your opinion? Did you even
> bother
> to look at the "Death Instinct" section? And what makes you think
> "virus messages"? I'm not necessarily trying to infect or make
> I'm trying to communicate and ask questions (or make the viewer ask
> questions).
> As far as whether it counts as a good meme, obviously it had more of an
> effect on
> you than you'd like to think. You felt the need to take the time to
> me when you don't
> even like my work? You decided to add me to your "enemies" page? Whether
> it
> was positive or negative, it definitely had an effect. I think it did
> than just make you
> laugh. Maybe you didn't like what the images told you about yourself.
> fact that all you saw was "pornography" says a lot about your
> mind...
> >Please take this criticism in the spirit in which it was meant.
> Which is? I'm hoping with a grain of salt, because that's how I've taken
> it.
> >As Seen on TV was created to fight bad culture everywhere. We're going
> add your page
> >to the soon-to-be created Enemies of As Seen on TV page on our site.
> And bad culture is what *You* perceive as bad? You really are an
> person.
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