Re: virus: Chupacabra

Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 12:32:30 -0700

John Porter wrote:
> The word is "chupacabra", translated as "goatsucker".
> The Chupacabra Homepage is:

Thanks for straightening that out. I was preparing a whole section on
Chupacabra in my thesis but recently cut it out completely. (Along
with most of my badly typed notes.) [*blush*]

You're right-- It is kind of like the Predator.

My interest in it was sparked because I have been studying the
archaic, "pre-literary" vampire myths of Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania.
The Chupacabra is a modern example of a preliterary folk tale-- that
is a writer like Polidori, Le Fanu or Stoker hasn't come along and
co-opted the cultural myth and put it into a unified narrative.

Also-- interesting Freudian/sexuality/guilt thing-- regarding the
entire vampire myth and transgressive sexuality/desire: "chupa" is
Spanish for goat, but is also a colloquialism meaning "tramp, slut,
whore". The word is used to describe a promiscuous woman.

 Ken Pantheists