Re: virus: Chupacabra

Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 23:30:49 -0700 wrote:
> Actually, amigo, I believe chupa is spanish for "suck" or "sucker".

My apologies if I have misinterpreted. I am not a speaker of Spanish.
I inferred the definition from the following passage from Dr. Neftali
Olmo-Terron's essay. " The Chupacabras is a Scapegoat". It is located

Here is an excerpt.

(A psychiatric interpretation)

Chupa cabras. Female-goat sucker. In spanish, the female goat is a
name for promiscuous females, prostitutes included. In a time of AIDS,
herpes, chlamydia, warts, and other sexually transimitted diseases,
even erotic fantasy could be considered dangerous.

There is really no safe sex. The only acceptable way to chupar la
cabra, and accomplish it with certain degree of primitive excitement,
is for somebody else to do it!

Oh, here it is!! Chupar is the verb, so cabra must be the noun.

I flipped the adverb and noun. If this is the case then a better
translation to English would read "sucker of goats".

 Ken Pantheists