virus: The seven deadly memes?

Richard Brodie (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 17:47:38 -0700

I was thinking about evolutionary psychology and about the "seven deadly
sins" and I began to notice an interesting correspondence between the
deadly sins and the basic instincts we get from evolution:

pride = us-vs.-them instinct, also maintain status in hierarchy
idleness = conserving energy
gluttony = drive to eat, gone wild in this time of abundance
lechery = maximize mating opportunities
avarice = drive to grow in power so as to have more reproductive options
envy = look for opportunities to rise in the hierarchy so as to have
more reproductive options
wrath = "tit for tat" strategy, most effective simple prisoner's dilemma

More and more I see how memetics lets us discern the good in religion
and separate it from the BS


P.S., , is having a contest. They give
$100 worth of books to the submitter of the best written recommendation
for ANY book. How about us virions submitting some recommendations of
books whose memes we want to spread? David's Top Ten would be a good
start. By the way, Virus of the Mind continues in the Top 10 for the
third straight half-month!
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