Re: virus: Stone Societies

David McFadzean (
Tue, 02 Jul 1996 09:27:23 -0600

At 07:06 PM 01/07/96 -0500, KMO wrote:

>My question to David is, "What did you want to explore? What was it in the
>article that you thought would merit exploration is this forum?"

I was genuinely excited to come across a new (for me) system in the
socio-economic arena. It was a revelation to discover that my distinction
memes concerning socialism vs. capitalism were embedded so deep in my
belief system that I had never considered that there might be other
schools of thought outside of the left-wing/right-wing spectrum.

I'm also interested in a critical analysis of the Stone Society proposal.
Is it feasible, and if so, is it better than its competition? (I guess my
engineering bias is showing through in the order of those questions :-)

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