virus: Store Opening

Chris Anderson (
3 Jul 96 16:27:08

Hello to everyone on the list. I have been a quiet reader for some time after
finding and the Church of Virus.

I am a rave DJ, promoter and musician in Houston. I am in the process of
remodelling my house to make a record/clothing/book store in the front. The
reason I am posting, is because after discovering memetics, a grand idea came
to my mind concerning the store. One thing that my partners and I have decided
to do is provide a rack of free information on as many subjects as possible...
Especially topics which are hard to find out about and ones that will help wake
up the population... Most will be single page summaries with pointers to more
information, and some will be 100 page packets...

Some topics we plan on covering:

Conspiracy (Bilderbergers, Trilateral, CFR, Illuminati, Fed Reserve)
Mind Control (TV, MKUltra/Gov't, Advertising, Religion)
Self Help
Alternative News Media
Smart Drugs
Floating/Sensory Deprivation
Lucid Dreaming
Mind Machines

Our goal is to help spread information which we feel people need to know
about. We are going to try and be non-biased as much as possible and provide
people with alternatives to look into rather than trying to force our
own.(especially concerning Spirituality and Religion)

The reason I am posting is to ask if anyone has any ideas of topics, resources,
methods, etc.

We want to be as effective as possible, and have the widest range of
information possible, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

We will be doing nationwide (possibly world wide) mail-order as well as a web
page, which we will use to spread the information on a global scale...

Chris Anderson
Neurotix/The MATRIX Crew

Email: "Chris_Anderson.HWJ@JH.COM"

P.S. Feel free to send ideas on books we can carry as well...