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Hi again!

(If you are receiving this, you are on my private list of people
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Reminder: I am on "Donahue" for the entire hour Monday, July 22,
discussing memes and my book "Virus of the Mind." Don't miss it!

Unfortunately, some cities have prematurely dropped "Donahue" from their
schedule, including Seattle. So you'll have to fly somewhere else or
pull it down from the satellite to see the show if you live in one of
those cities.


I invite you to check out my new web page, "Meme Central," at the
address at the bottom of this letter. There you will find:

* The beginning of "Virus of the Mind" on-line for your reading pleasure
* Recommended further reading in memetics, with hot links to order any
book from Amazon.Com books, most at a discount!
* A sneak preview of my new book about the early days of Microsoft.

Visit Meme Central and let me know what you think!

All the best memes,

Richard Brodie

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