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Mon, 22 Jul 1996 01:42:19 -0700

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>David McDivitt wrote:
>Declaring such selfishness to be good is committing the naturalistic
>fallacy; that because something is, that it also ought to be.
>Evolutionary systems can self-organize into stable states that are not
>desirable by anyone.
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>Do you know what a "meme" is?

Richard Brodie,

When, Sir, will you admit that one must first be a good animal BEFORE one
can be a good HUMAN ANIMAL.

Damn them selfish survivalists anyway.

So I can suppose the (from your argument) evolutionary system that 'We the
People' came from is not kopesetic for, as Neal Peart put it,
" Just think about the 'Average'; What use have they for you ?"

Do you know the fictional character 'Lazarus Long' created by the late,
great Robert H.Heinlein ?
" If you think that a man cannot kill another man over a can of tomatoes,
then you, my friend, have never been truly hungary."

You are beginning to sound like the Pacifist from hell.
The whole point of "self-organizing" is to stay far ahead of the Prey, as
well as beat out the competition.

Did you ever hear about the two lawyers walking through the woods when a
grizzly came up from behind them ?
Lawyer 1 decided to take off running,but stopped when he saw lawyer 2 taking
off his Guccis to put on a pair of running shoes.
"What the hell are you doing? Let's just get the hell out of here!!!!" lawyer 1
"I'm not worried about out running the bear; I just need to out run YOU."
lawyer 2

But if it works for you, more power to ya.