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brenda j garrett (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 17:51:53 -0700

At 06:37 PM 7/22/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Tristan wrote something which seemed to be a criticism of Richard Brodie's
>agenda. S/he mentioned Lazarus Long, lawyers, and Rush. The tone came
>through loud and clear, but the specifics of the criticism were lost on me.
>Could you sum up your complaint as plainly and susscinctly as you can for
>me and others who might be similiarly confused? Thanks. -KMO
>Resistance is futile.
>Did not mean to confuse anyone.

Once again, from the top...

Brenda is my WIFE.

Tristan is the coven name given to me by ( NOYB ).

I was merely expounding on his philosophy.

My point is only that Brodies' way of thinking could get one killed.
WE THE PEOPLE are life forms.
Life forms have NO CHIOCE but to form 'predator/prey' Natural Law competition.
WE THE PEOPLE have formed a society that has given birth to predator/prey
among ourselves.
To think any different would be suicide.
All this stems from my impression that Mr. Brodie is a pacifist.
My impression of Mr.Brodie stems from Mr.Brodie ( what and how he writes ).

I plead insanity if I erred in my prejudgement of Mr.Brodie.

Post script:
In case no one noticed, I quote the IDEA more than the
person,story,event,scarcastic joke,whatever,etc.,I.E.> "When the sword of
rebellion is drawn, the sheath should be thrown away." English Proverb.
So you see, (said the blind man), it is the idea behind the proverb, not the
English themselves that I TRY to get across to 'some peoples' kids'.