Re: virus: Power

John Porter (
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 10:25:12 -0400

KMO wrote:
> Overt attempts to regulate "memetic material" come in the forms of
> censorship and copyright protection. Decentralized systems like the
> internet and, more generally, the info-sphere (sometimes called the
> ideo-sphere or the global meme-pool; I call it the C-Realm, i.e. the Realm
> of Consciousness) treat the blockage as damage and route around it. Or so
> I've heard. -KMO

Certainly the transmission paths of "memetic material", or shall we say
"memetic content", are manifold, approaching a fully-connected network
between all minds. That is why attempting to regulate memetic content
will never succeed. It is more meaningful to talk about -- to use the
computer/internet analogy -- security at the node level; firewalls don't
work, at least not forever. Iron curtains spring leaks and eventually
come down. Node-level security means stressing to each individual his
responsibility to monitor the incoming memes. The very first step is the
implantation of the very first meme: The Metameme. That is true
empowerment (wrt memetics).

John Porter