Re: virus: Power

John Porter (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 09:17:02 -0400

KMO wrote:
> This isn't going to be much of a thread if we don't start disagreeing with
> one another.

Looks like it might happen, because:

> I'm pushing for the use of the word 'metameme' as refering to memes
> which exert selection pressure on other memes....
> For the meme about memes, I think "the 'meme' meme" works well.

I won't say your use of 'meta-' is incorrect, but it is different from
what I have usually seen it to mean. Language about language is
metalanguage. Mathematics about mathematics is metamathematics.
cf. Hofstadter.

If we must use the term 'metameme' your way, we could differentiate
between "metamemes as a class" (your definition) and "The Metameme"
(my definition).

(Actually I guess this is different thread. :-)

> John, I liked your comments about node-level security.
> Another metaphor for personal responsibility.


John Porter