Re: virus: Primitivism

Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 10:34:34 -0700

Tomas Carlsson wrote:
> It is called orgastic experiences releasing humans from the anxiety of being
> separate. It is said that in hightech societys we lack from this and the
> orgastic experiences from having sex is just a spit in the ocean in
> comparashion. We need the trans to get in touch with our common awareness.

I heard or read some comment somewhere that said primitivism is
something a society engages in when it becomes affluent, decadent and
encourages self indulgence.

I don't know what to think about this. It is a pretty Victorian
statement in my opinion.

But, by the same token-- our experience of the primitive is not

We couch the primitive in such a wonky manner that it is no longer
completely meaningful.

I have seen really poor knock offs of ritualistic theatre that is
totally self indulgent and not connected in any way to anything real. It
just demands that you respect it because it has the trappings of ritual.
This festival, however, was very genuine and filled with spontenaety. I
guess that's why it influenced me so strongly.

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