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Richard Brodie (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 14:25:34 -0700

KMO wrote:

>"The Metameme" with a capital M. I could go for that. Does anyone
>have any thoughts on this subject?


>As I noted previously, there's not enough dissagreement on the
>of memetic material' to sustain a spirited thread. We seem to agree
>'fire-wall' regulation is ineffective (and I would add that it is
>counter-productive and immoral).

I do not agree with this. Censorship of cigarette ads in the US has
directly resulted in drastically lower smoking rates here while they are
increasing in countries with new cigarette advertising.

> 'Node-level' regulation is feasible and
>amounts to each person taking responsibility for examining their
>not only in terms of the practical benefits which accrue from those
>beliefs, but in terms of thier source, internal consistancy and
>with other beliefs.

But Kevin, can you really believe that the masses will ever be
enlightened, committed, or interested enough to make that work?

>It's also very important that our node-level metametic
>filters initiate a query as to whose ends would be advanced were the
>to accept some incoming meme. 'Node-level' regulation of memetic
>amounts to indivuals taking responsibility for beleiving responsibly.
>Maybe I've said something controversial. I hope so. It seems a shame
>it takes conflict to get people to really examine the consistency of
>mental models and expend considerable effort to articulate their
>clearly. (sigh)

Remember, most people do not think nearly as abstractly or logically as
you do. Other means are necessary to educate people about memetics.
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